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While the convenience of the plastic retail bag can’t be disputed, the negative impact––considering its short use (12 minutes, on average) and long lifespan––have led to rising consumer concern, advocacy campaigns, and regulatory bans and fees.

What does retail look like without the single-use plastic bag? 99Bridges and ChicoBag are piloting an innovative solution to combat plastic waste with CVS Health, Target and Walmart. Learn more about the #BeyondtheBag pilots, managed by Closed Loop Fund and IDEO:

Download Mosaic for Beyond the Bag to participate in this groundbreaking initiative today!

Mosaic for Beyond the Bag

Welcome to Mosaic for Beyond the Bag

What is Mosaic for Beyond the Bag?

Mosaic for Beyond the Bag enables you to stop using another single-use plastic bag for your everyday shopping. Forever!


The Mosaic app incentivizes shoppers to reuse bags through universal rewards across all participating retail brands and enables a circular system with end-to-end tracking.

Not all features are available for the pilot.

Intro Video


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